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Orthodontic Screenings for Kids & Adults Serving Frisco, McKinney, Plano & More

Plush Dentistry’s licensed family dentists, Dr. Ali and Dr. Kraipak, are trained to provide orthodontic services to Frisco, TX, patients, including orthodontic screenings and removable braces like Invisalign. Orthodontic care is not just for children and adolescents anymore, as many adults now come into our office who want to improve their smiles because their teeth have shifted over the years, or they never had braces as a child.

Fortunately, orthodontic treatment options have also changed over the past few years, and today’s orthodontia care advancements offer patients of all ages the same exciting opportunity to attain the beautiful smiles they’ve always wanted! To schedule your initial orthodontic screening with Dr. Ali or Dr. Kraipak, call Plush Dentistry in Frisco, TX, today at: (469) 850-0786.


One of the teeth straightening orthodontic treatments we use in our office is Invisalign clear plastic aligners. Virtually unnoticeable to onlookers, Invisalign trays work well as an effective smile-restoring alternative to traditional fixed metal braces, by eliminating most of the discomfort and lifestyle adjustments that come with traditional braces. Many dental insurance plans now cover some of the costs associated with removable braces, so contact us today at Plush Dentistry to find out if your plan provides benefits towards Invisalign treatments.


Orthodontic Screenings for Kids

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends a child’s initial orthodontic screening by age 7. If that seems young, the goal is to determine where your child’s mouth is in terms of growth and development. If discovered early, smile imperfections can usually be treated with palatal expanders or tooth spacers to prepare for braces around age 12, or once their permanent teeth have all come in. Earlier treatments make it easier to work within natural growth patterns, which means less trauma and pain as their teeth are being moved into place.

Ortho Screenings for Adults

During an adult ortho screening at Plush Dentistry, your teeth-positioning and bite alignment will be evaluated by one of our dentists, and low-dose radiation exposure X-rays taken if we don’t already have a recent set on file. You will have the opportunity to share with Dr. Ali or Dr. Kraipak your smile improvement goals, and to ask them any questions about your treatment options, including Invisalign. When finished with your consultation, you’ll then have the opportunity to schedule a follow up appointment in our office.

Schedule Your Frisco, TX, Orthodontic Screening Today!

To help ensure a lifetime of perfect smiles, our office provides reliable orthodontic screenings for children starting at age 7, and adults of all ages. We also offer Invisalign aligner treatments as part of our constant pursuit of high-quality dental care and perfection as we help patients attain their smile goals. You’ll enjoy a spa-like office experience focused on patient relaxation and comfort, as we use innovative technology to deliver the top-notch dental care you deserve. To schedule an orthodontic screening in Frisco, TX, call Plush Dentistry today at: (469) 850-0786.