Root Canals

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Endodontics & Root Canals in Frisco, TX

Root canals get a bad reputation as painful experiences. At Plush, when patients need a root canal, our main goal is to make the experience as pleasant as possible. After all, root canals are used to alleviate an already painful situation. We want root canals to be seen as the solution, not the problem.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

Root canals may be necessary for several reasons. First, when harmful bacteria reach the tooth’s root structure, an infection results. Generally known as an abscess, this type of infection causes swelling, inflammation, tenderness, and sensitivity to heat or cold.

Additionally, you may need a root canal if you suffer trauma to a tooth. Any time the nerve is damaged, a root canal is necessary to preserve the rest of the tooth structure. Sometimes a root canal is needed right away. Other times, you may have suffered nerve damage years ago, but your tooth is just now starting to discolor and lose nerve function.

Finally, we will recommend a root canal in some cases of ongoing infection, such as periodontal disease. In cases like this, the gum tissue often starts to recede, exposing the roots to the harmful bacteria that cause inflammation and pain.

Root Canal Process

We complete root canals in two visits. We begin with removing the bacteria and the nerve itself. We place medication inside the tooth and seal it inside with a temporary filling.

On the second visit, we clean, shape, and close the nerve system inside the tooth. We believe very strongly that this two-appointment approach ensures all the decay is removed, the inside of the tooth is properly cleaned and sealed, and that our patients are comfortable throughout the process.

While others may attempt to complete a root canal in a single appointment, we believe we get a more predictable result and a better experience with a two-step process.