In simple terms a deep cleaning is indicated when we see evidence of bone and attachment loss and heavy buildup of plaque and calculus around your teeth.

Common signs that may indicate a need to visit Plush Dentistry to get evaluated are bleeding gums, sensitive teeth and bad breath. At your first visit our hygienist will evaluate and chart measurements of your gums to get an accurate baseline of your periodontal health.

A deep cleaning may involve 2 – 3 visits depending on the clinical situation. We use hand instruments and ultrasonic scalers to effectively clean your teeth and remove bacteria from your gums. You are then prescribed an antibacterial mouth rinse and given instructions on home care. We schedule follow up visits every 6-8weeks  to check the status of your gums.

Healthy gums are the foundation of your teeth and at Plush Dentistry we want to get you on the best track to maintain a lifetime of good oral health.

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