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At Plush, patients looking for cosmetic enhancements to their smiles receive top-notch care. From the initial consultation to the final results, each patient receives our full attention. We design customized plans for each procedure, and when needed we work with other specialists who can best help us get you where you want to be. We love helping our patients achieve the results they are looking for.

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Teeth Whitening

One of the fastest ways to enhance your smile is to whiten your teeth. Many different whitening options exist, but most often the best choices are in-office whitening and professional grade take-home kits.

In-Office Whitening: Zoom

Zoom Whitening has become the gold standard in achieving dazzling smiles. In just 45 minutes, you can have teeth that are up to 8 shades whiter than where you started. We begin by applying a protective layer to your gums, and then the whitening gel to the surfaces of your teeth. The LED light activates the whitening power of the gel, and you get fast, beautiful results.


Take-Home Whitening

For a home whitening option, we are pleased to offer Apa White Duo. Designed by renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa, this system works faster than other home kits. Our patients see noticeable results within 5 days. By combining two types of whitening in one system, Apa White Duo will give you the results other take-home kits cannot. The complete system includes five sets of films and a whitening pen. Simply apply the products for 90 minutes per day for five days. No messy trays, no cumbersome tubes of gel.

Teeth Whitening-Plush Dentistry

Ongoing Home Radiance

To support the Apa White Duo, we also carry the Apa Beauty Radiance Care Kit. This complete package complements the White Duo with its lip loofah, tooth gloss, and blue lip shine. Together, these enhancements give our patients the healthiest smiles possible.

The Beauty Radiance Care Kit includes:

  •         Apa Lip Loofah: a gentle lip exfoliator and conditioner
  •         Apa Tooth Gloss: antioxidant-infused, nourishing gloss that brightens teeth for a beautiful smile
  •         Apa Blue Lip Shine: brightens smiles with minty blue crystals

Ceramic Veneers

When we are unable to achieve the overall aesthetic we want simply through whitening, the next level of cosmetic dentistry is veneers. These thin shells are crafted of high-quality porcelain specifically for each patient. With customized shapes, thicknesses, and coloration, we can give you the exact result you are looking for.

Veneer Process

The process for creating custom veneers begins with photos and impressions of your teeth. By creating models of your current teeth and mock-ups of what the veneers will look like, we can ensure the perfect fit. Depending on individual circumstances, we may minimally reduce existing tooth structure to correct for thickness or shape. We want to ensure not only the form, but the function as well. Once the veneers are ready to apply to your teeth, we will seat them, and then follow up with you once more to make sure you are thrilled with your new smile.

Five Steps to your Perfect Smile

  1. Discussion of your goals and expectations. We will talk about what you want to achieve, and any areas of concern that we see. We will take your initial impressions and photo documentation of your existing smile as well.
  2. Review of the models we created from your impressions. We will complete any shaping needed, and we will apply temporary veneers. This allows you to test out the overall look before we seat the final ceramic veneers.
  3. Final impressions. One week after the temporary veneers are applied, we will have you come in for any final revisions based on your feedback. We will also take a final set of impressions.
  4. Seating permanent veneers. Once the final veneers are ready, we will seat them and take additional photos.
  5. Follow-up visit. About one week after the veneers are cemented in place, we will have a final appointment to make sure you are happy with your results.

Cosmetic Bonding

Patients with small chips and imperfections often find great success with cosmetic bonding. We use high quality resins to fill in the imperfections, match the color, and reshape the tooth. At Plush, we pride ourselves in our ability to achieve beautiful results you will love. We enjoy the artistry involved in creating a natural aesthetic.

With proper care, bonding can last for years. Our expert team can provide guidance on your best course of action, and how to get the most out of your cosmetic bonding.


Ceramic Crowns

When a tooth has suffered extensive structural damage, the best option is often a crown. With all the advances in dental technology, we can create beautiful, natural-looking crowns that match the rest of your teeth—without compromising on strength or longevity.

Our crowns are generally created in a two-step process. First, we prepare the tooth, reducing the structure as needed to ensure a proper result. We will send you home with a temporary crown. Once the final crown is ready, we will cement it in place. We ensure your bite is balanced, and that you are happy with the result.

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At Plush Dentistry, Dr. Ali, Dr. Kraipak, and our entire dentistry team are dedicated to delivering top-notch dental care for patients of all ages within a relaxing, spa-like office environment to ensure healthier, natural-looking smiles that will last a lifetime!

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